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Off The Shelf?

Go into any computer shop and you will find hundreds of programs on offer. A multitude of packages offer word processing, faxing, e-mail, accounting etc. All these can meet your traditional office needs, but when you need that piece of software that provides features specific to your needs things are not so straight forward. Specialist applications can be very expensive, provide an enormous amount of unused functionality but still might not work in the way you like or supply you with that deciding feature.


This is where dedicated application development comes in. Because applications are designed specifically for your needs you do not pay for a thousand features that you will never use, but you do get the ones that matter and make the difference. Applications like this need not be so expensive, and because they are so specialised and perform just the tasks required they needn’t be very large or complex.


Applications can be simple and designed to work on a stand alone machine or can be more complex network solutions connected to SQL database servers. In any case you can be assured it is designed specifically for you. In addition, because the program is written for you, you can have features added or altered at any time ensuring your IT requirements don’t leave your applications behind.