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The benefits of a network are not immediately apparent. Many companies are quite happy having a printer attached to every machine, having a single machine collect e-mail with the user handing printouts to everyone and sharing information via USB Sticks. If you need to share any information in your organisation a network is the most practical and efficient way to do it.


Being able to share an expensive printer can be a saving equal to the cost of the entire network installation. Having a central source for all your files is far more efficient than having multiple and perhaps different copies stored on each machine. Being able to backup all your data from one location might even save your company in case of equipment failure, burglary or disaster. With Internet access and e-mail now becoming a normal business requirement so is the network that provides these facilities.

We Can Help

Scholes Software is able to supply, install and configure networks small and large. If security isn’t an issue, maybe you just need to share a printer, so then a simple peer-to-peer network (a network without a dedicated server) will do. If your needs are more demanding we can install a client/server network. As we offer consultancy we can determine your needs and recommend accordingly. We don’t always need to install new PCs. If you already have a group of machines we can simply connect them via a network. If you already have a peer-to-peer network we can add a server if you choose to do so.