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Not only can you access your private email, but Zarafa also allows you to share your mailbox with colleagues via an advanced permissions system. Group mailboxes and Public Folders can be used for all incoming information, support or sales emails and with the server-side rules wizard you can organise your email automatically.


Share calendars, plan meetings with your colleagues with Free/Busy information, send meeting requests or book resources. You can use any of these features via the Outlook client or the Zarafa Webaccess.


All internal Zarafa users and groups are available in a Global Address Book. Of course you can manage personal contacts, global contacts and distribution lists, but also centrally maintained contact folders are available as well.


You can keep personal task lists or share them with colleagues to work much more effectively.


Keep your email, contacts, appointments and tasks all linked to your mobile device using Push technology.

Zarafa Community Edition is free software!