Scholes Software

Open Source Business IT Systems Specialist


Servers are the most important part of any secure IT system and are designed to provide services for high demand, secure and mission critical networks.

We offer a consultancy service to determine what system most suits your needs and can demonstrate all of the above with our mobile client/server system. Please don’t hesitate to call if you require more information.


Scholes Software can supply, install and configure both Linux and Windows based solutions. Because of the increased demands made on a server you can’t take risks when it comes to the hardware or operating system used. We only use “true” servers. These are machines built with server components and not a desktop PC masquerading as a server. In addition we believe that Linux offers more security, performance, stability and reliability than it’s main competitors. It also offers a remarkable cost saving when compared with other products and for this reason we specialise in the Linux platform.


Services we offer include;

  • Secure file sharing with full user/group based access control.
  • Multi-user email with spam and virus checking.
  • Multi-user internet access with strict access controls and monitoring.
  • Efficient printer sharing.
  • Automated backup using tape, CD, DVD and remote backup solutions.
  • Broadband connection with strong firewall.
  • VPN services to securely join remote offices over your internet connection.
  • Document Management Systems.
  • Content Management Systems.
  • Web based email with group calendar, contacts and collaboration.
  • SQL servers, Web servers, Proxy servers and more.